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Cash Offers

If you are looking to just sell out an estate we make cash offers and close fast. We like to get our sellers paid as quickly as possible and provide them with their funds immediately upon closing the deal.

Full and Partial Estates

Whether you have a full estate or a partial estate, we are interested in making you an offer. We also include services such as document removal, trash pickup, broom swept clean, and sentimental item return.

Fast Service

We know you want your estate closed as soon as possible, and with our hardworking team we strive to get items removed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact us today for a free quote!

Meet The Auction Team

Luke T. King Profile Picture

Luke T. King

Principal Auctioneer (KY 262394)


Sarah King

Sarah R. King

Auction House Operator (KY 258683)


Hunter Easterling Profile Picture

Hunter S. Easterling

Apprentice Auctioneer (KY265314) | Auction House Operator (KY 265315)

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