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Professional Auction Team

Live Auctions

In-person auctions with a licensed auctioneer. Our live auctions are not only a place to exchange goods but also a family-friendly environment perfect to bring the whole family and enjoy.

Online Auctions

In order to have a successful auction, we know that a competitive bidding process must occur. That’s why we utilize online auctions to increase buyer turnout and higher overall bids.

Spot Bid Sales

These sales are a hybrid between online and live auctions. Bidders place a sealed bid on items either in person or online without knowing other’s bids. The highest offer is then accepted.

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Upcoming Auctions

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Please check back soon to see our upcoming auctions.

Meet The Auction Team

Luke T. King Profile Picture

Luke T. King

Principal Auctioneer (KY 262394)


Sarah King

Sarah R. King

Auction House Operator (KY 258683)


Hunter Easterling Profile Picture

Hunter S. Easterling

Apprentice Auctioneer (KY265314) | Auction House Operator (KY 265315)

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